Board of Directors Elections

Voting opens April 3, 2017 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on April 7, 2017.

Meet Your Candidates

If you are a member of District 1 (Brandon/MAXA) or District 3 (Killarney/Ninette/Cartwright/Swan Lake/Pilot Mound/La Riviere/Winnipeg), please exercise your democratic right to vote in this election between April 3rd and 7th. You can vote at a kiosk in branch, or by clicking here.

If you are a commercial or organization account member in District 1 or 3 and wish to vote, please download and complete a resolution form and return it to your local branch.

There are two openings in District 1 and one opening in District 3 this year.

The Board of Directors of Westoba Credit Union Ltd. recognizes that a strong Board will be comprised of Directors possessing an ideal combination of skills, experience and attributes. In 2017 special consideration will be given to “Audit & Financial” knowledge & “Information Technology Oversight” knowledge.  We ask you please take this into consideration when choosing your candidate.

The director will be elected prior to the Annual General Meeting. The elected director will be announced here at in late April.

Online voting opens April 3, 2017 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on April 7, 2017.


District 1 (Brandon/MAXA)

Members in District 1, click here to meet your candidates.


District 3 (Killarney / Ninette / Cartwright / Swan Lake / Pilot Mound / La Riviere / Winnipeg)

Members in District 3, click here to meet your candidates.


How Do I Vote?

We encourage all eligible members to take part in setting the direction for our credit union. Eligible members may vote by using our very simple and secure online voting system by clicking here or at an in-branch kiosk.


  1. Follow this link.
  2. Enter your identifiers: Member Number and Postal Code
  3. Vote by clicking beside the name of the candidate (or candidates in District 1) you wish to vote for.
  4. Review your selection and then click “Submit.”


* Click here for this information in a printable brochure.


Westoba is a proud member of the communities we serve. Each year we give thousands of dollars to better your communities.


These individuals are elected from the districts they live and work in to give members a voice in the direction of our credit union.