Why Run for the Board?

Are you that member?

One of the best things about being part of a credit union is that we are membership based.  With your membership share you have certain rights – one of which is being nominated and elected to the Board!

Once a part of the Board, you’re a voice for the membership and tasked with helping set the direction of our credit union.  This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with others in building something wonderful – a great credit union!  You have a chance to make a difference, which is a pretty powerful thing.

Other benefits to joining the board are . . .

  1. Expanding your knowledge and skill set . . .  When you’re on the Board, you’re exposed to all aspects of the operations.  This includes everything from reviewing financial reports to getting updates on various aspects of the business like human resources, marketing and communications and IT (to mention only a few).
  2. Gaining leadership experience . . .  The Board is responsible for setting the direction of our credit union.  As a Board Director, you are in a leadership role.  You were chosen by our members and are accountable to them in making a range of decisions that are in the best interest of the credit union as a whole.
  3. Increased networking opportunities . . .  As a Board Director, you will represent our credit union at various events and conferences locally, provincially and nationally.  You will get to meet other people who are part of the cooperative movement!

Board Responsibilities

Westoba’s Board of Directors ensures that Westoba has strong effective management and that the credit union’s strategic objectives are in your best interest.