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Family life is busy. Running kids to sporting events, band lessons, grabbing diapers or squeezing in some you time; finding time to plan for your family’s financial future is hard!

Let us help! To us, family financial planning is about listening to the needs of each family member and providing advice and solutions to fit your specific situation. We want to learn about what your family’s responsibilities, goals and dreams are and recommend strategies designed to meet your objectives and provide your family with a personalized plan.

Financial planning for a family is our specialty. It is never too early, or late to take a look at what your goals are. Let’s talk!

We’ll show you what saving as little as $60/month can do for your family’s future!

With the recent expansion of the Universal Child Care Benefit, families will now be receiving up to $60/month per child than before.

How does this affect your family?

  1. For each child under six parents will receive a total UCCB of $160/month per child. This is $60/month more than before.
  2. For each child from six to 17 years in age parents will receive $60/month per child. **This is new; previously there was no benefit for this age group.

That’s $720/year per child increase for families! Watch this video to learn more about these enhancements.

We can help you get the most out of this extra cash!


A family RESP makes it easy for you to invest for several children and earn more with government grants and savings bonds.


It's never too early to start teaching your kids money management skills. We have several different accounts to get them started!