Banking made simple.

We take the hassle out of switching banks and moving pre-authorized payments. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 for new or existing members.

How it works:

  1. Stop by any branch.
    We’ll walk you through the switching process and help you fill out the required consent forms.
  2. We’ll call you.
    TeleService calls you at a pre-arranged time to answer questions and gather details about each payment you’d like switched. The information we’ll need is on the invoice for each account or policy you plan to switch. The entire call takes about ten minutes and we follow up in writing to confirm everything.
  3. Relax while Westoba handles the rest!
    We’ll use the information you gave us to contact vendors about switching the payments to your Westoba account. We’ll call you when the process is complete.

An important note:

Because of billing cycles and notice requirements that are outside of our control, sometimes it can take up to three months to complete all of your switches. During this time you should:

  • monitor any affected accounts to avoid charges for overdraft or insufficient funds; and
  • avoid contacting the companies on your own, which could cause confusion and delay the process.

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