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Budgeting 101

Budgeting hard! Read this blog by Kassie Thomson for tips....

Inspire Major Grant Winners!

Westoba will be providing $20,000 to support non-profit, charitable or community organizations across Manitoba who...

Earn Rewards with Collabria!

Earn rewards while you explore this summer!...

Have you saved our number yet?

This past May, we moved to a new telephone system where every staff member has...

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From Westoba Credit Union's CEO!
Mortgage Rates* SPECIAL RATES**
Prime Rate3.95%
Mortgage Rates - Fixed
1 Year3.64%3.15%
2 Years3.89%3.29%
3 Years4.45%2.99%
4 Years4.99%2.99 %
5 Years5.19%3.19%
**Some conditions may apply.
*Rates are subject to change without notice.
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