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Business Financial planning

Financial Planning – Key to a Healthy Business

Ensure the financial success of your business venture. Start with the right financial plan....
Free chequing account

How do you bank? Take our quiz and find out!

Use our WestobaONE FREE Chequing Account and only add the services you need....
Purchase Plus Improvement

Purchase + Improvement Mortgage Program

Combine a home improvement loan with your mortgage, in one convenient transaction....
Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Meet our mobile mortgage specialist

Whether you’re ready to put in an offer, just starting the hunt or have a...
Mobile Mortgage Specialist

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From Westoba Credit Union's CEO!
Mortgage Rates* SPECIAL RATES**
Prime Rate3.95%
Mortgage Rates - Fixed
1 Year3.75%3.39%
2 Years3.94%3.44%
3 Years4.49%3.48%
4 Years5.07%3.54 %
5 Years5.36%3.45%**
*Some conditions may apply.
*Rates are subject to change without notice.
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