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John Mellencamp Giveaway!

Win Box Seats to John Mellencamp! As a part of the partnership with the Keystone,...

Traveller’s Cheques

Traveller’s cheques are being discontinued. On August 15th, members will no longer be able to...

NEW! Credit Cards

Westoba is proud to introduce a new line of credit cards that cater to a...

Adulting 101

Welcome to Adulting 101! At Westoba we know that learning how to adult is hard,...

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From Westoba Credit Union's CEO!
Mortgage Rates* 
Prime Rate3.70%
Mortgage Rates
1 Year3.37%
2 Years3.44%
3 Years3.54%
4 Years3.64%
5 Years3.74%
*Some conditions may apply.
*Rates are subject to change without notice.