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Westoba’s 2019 Annual General Meeting Recap:

Westoba takes a lot of pride in our commitment to the community we serve. In line with our belief, is Westoba’s Inspire Program where various not-for-profit organizations apply for grants. At our AGM, we were honored to have speakers from two of our grant recipient organizations.


Evelyn Janzen – Chairman of the Board of Directors for La Riviere & Community Recreation Association said, “Westoba’s Inspire grant has helped us change, grow and remain vibrant.


Heather Peters, Executive Director – Seniors for Seniors Co-Op Inc., Brandon said, “Westoba’s commitment to our community is truly inspiring and we, at Brandon’s Seniors for Seniors are truly grateful“.


Election results were also shared and some important decisions were made regarding the appointment of the Westoba Board of Directors:

George Henderson of La Riviere was welcomed for being re-elected to the Board of Directors by the members of Westoba Credit Union (WCU) in District 3.
Henry Maryniuk was acclaimed as the new Board of Director for District 2. Westoba Credit Union (WCU) members welcomed him to the board at our AGM.

For the ratification of Board of Director appointments for District 3 and 1, the voting was conducted through a show of hands.

For District 3, members ratified the appointment of Douglas Wanyoike to complete the last of the two years remaining in the three-year term of Ms. Annette Horst who resigned from her position last fall due to professional reasons.

For District 1, members ratified the appointment of Garnet McBurney to serve a three-year term.

We thank our Members, Board of Directors and Staff for joining us for our Annual General Meeting where we reflected on the inspiring year of 2018 and looked forward to the promising future infused with possibilities.


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