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Westoba Credit Union

Inspire change. Inspire growth. Inspire vibrancy.

Helping build inspiring communities.

We’re excited to introduce our new community investment program – Westoba Inspire! We want to inspire change, growth and vibrancy in the places you work, live and enjoy.

As a member-based organization, we want to invest in areas of most value to our members. To do this, we asked you to tell us where you want our community dollars spent and you made it clear that community infrastructure should be a priority! With that as our new focus area for our community investment, our targeted efforts will have a greater impact locally.

Moving forward, Westoba is directing community investment funds to support community infrastructure projects that:

  • are initiated locally or have a clear local impact;
  • are inclusive and bring people together;
  • are long-term or multi-functional; and
  • promote staying, participating and engaging in a rich community.

As part of our new community investment program, we are launching a new online application tool to make submitting charitable requests more efficient and meaningful. Through the implementation of the community investment strategy, Westoba has a charitable fund in partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundations (BACF). This fund will be used to support larger (and multi-year) investment grants. When it comes to handling larger requests of $2,500 or greater, Westoba will be doing a call for applications twice a year – in the spring and fall. All other requests come through the new online application tool too!

Visit www.westobainspire.com for more information!

Below are a couple examples of projects that meet our new criteria and were recently approved for funding. Read our 2017 Annual Report for more!