Top Ten Questions about New INTERAC Flash MemberCards

You’ve received your new MemberCard, but might have questions about the technology and how to use it…

We understand and want you to have all the information about FLASH. Below is a list of the top ten questions to help you!

#1 What is Interac FLASH technology?

A: Interac Flash is a service that allows members to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding your MemberCard in front of the card reader terminal at the checkout.

#2 Will my old MemberCard still work?

A: The MemberCard you received is a replacement card as your current MemberCard will no longer work after July 31st. Westoba Credit Union switched card providers in order to provide you with expanded online and convenient technology services. You must ACTIVATE your new MemberCard before you can use it.

Here are some easy steps:

  1. Remove the MemberCard from the letter you received.  Under the card, the letter will show you which card it is replacing. This is helpful if you have multiple MemberCards.
  2. To activate your MemberCard you must use it once at either an ATM or at a Point of Sale purchase by entering the pin. You can use your existing PIN as the PIN for the new card that you are replacing. Entering your PIN will activate the card.
  3. Confirm that your card is working by completing the transaction. Even something as simple as an account inquiry at an ATM will activate your card.
  4. Destroy your old card. We recommend cutting it into small pieces, or dropping it off at a Westoba branch for destruction.
  5. Your MemberCard is ready to go. You can now complete transactions including, Interac Flash transactions, and access to MemberDirect Online banking. Going forward you will need to use the replacement card when completing transactions and accessing online banking. For your convenience your previous passwords and PINs have already been transferred!

#3 I don’t plan on making a purchase; can you activate my MemberCard for online banking?

A: Yes, however know that once your MemberCard is activated, the MemberCard that’s being replaced will no longer work.

#4 How come I can’t login to my online banking?

A: You will need to reset your online banking AFTER you activate your MemberCard by using it at an ATM or making a purchase at a Point of Sale Terminal. If you’re not visiting an ATM or making a purchase, feel free to visit any of our locations or contact TeleService at 1-877-WESTOBA to have your MemberCard activated.

#5 I received a MemberCard, but my spouse/significant other didn’t.

A: Replacement MemberCards are still in the process of being mailed out. Should your spouse/significant other not receive their MemberCard by July 6th, they can visit any of our locations or contact TeleService at 1-877-WESTOBA for more information.

#6 I received a new MemberCard; do I need to change my automatic payments?

A: No. You would have set up your automatic payments to pull directly from your bank account; they are not linked to your MemberCard.

#7 I received multiple MemberCards, what card is replacing what?

A: Once you lift your replacement MemberCard off the letter, you’ll see which MemberCard is being replaced. If you require further clarification, feel free to bring your letter and replacement MemberCard into any of our locations or contact TeleService at 1-877-WESTOBA.

#8 Is it safe? How secure is this?

A: Interac Flash is one of the safest methods of payment today. Transaction and cumulative limits are in place on our Flash MemberCards to ensure you are protected if your MemberCard is ever lost or stolen. The MemberCard needs to be less than 4cm away from the terminal and positioned on an angle. Interac Flash means faster times at checkouts, there is no need to enter a PIN, just simply tap your MemberCard on the point of sale terminal.

#9 Can I turn the flash off?

A: If you would like to discuss turning Interac Flash Technology off, please visit one of our locations or contact TeleService.

#10 I have more questions, how can I get these answered?

A: We are here to help and want you to be educated and feel confident about your new MemberCard. We have highlighted the top ten questions here, but if you still have questions please take a read through our Frequently Asked Questions document. If your questions are still not answered please visit your branch, use the orange Chat Online button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or call TeleService at 1-877-WESTOBA.