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Your credit union advocating for you!

This week, representatives from credit unions across Canada are attending Hike the Hill in Ottawa, including our own Board Chair, Jim Abernethy and CEO, Jim Rediger.

“Hike the Hill is a very worthwhile initiative credit unions take part in. Most MP’s and Senators are very supportive and appreciate the role credit unions play in the Canadian economy”. Jim Abernethy explains “we were able to bring awareness to the challenges all credit unions face and hopefully gain their (government’s) support in bringing about positive change on the issues we discussed”.

Our Board of Directors is elected from the districts they live and work in to give members a voice in the direction of our credit union. Attending events such as Hike the Hill brings awareness to us, our members and the credit union system.

Read more about Hike the Hill and other Canadian Credit Union Association news here: https://ccua.com/en

L-R Jim Rediger, CEO, James Bezan, MP, Jim Abernethy, Board Chair

Attending the Ted Falk meeting.

Mary Ng, Liberal Cabinet Minister