Westoba Credit Union

Background and Experience

Hi, my name is Erin. I’ve been working in the financial planning sector for 6 years, with a total of 8
years of working within the credit union system. During this time, I have completed numerous credit
union courses, my Certified Executor Advisor designation, Canadian Investment Funds course, and
Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning Course.

I chose my career path in the financial planning sector because of my interest in finances. I love being
able to help people by educating members and assisting them in becoming financially wealthy. Westoba
became my financial institution of choice because they are well known in my community as a great
employer, everyone is friendly here and I’ve enjoyed all the experiences I’ve had with this company.

How Can I Help You?

One of the biggest myths I have come across in this industry is that you must have a lot of money to
see a Financial Planner. This is not the case, everyone must start somewhere! Your first step is to get a
Financial Plan strategy put in place, this is important so that you are prepared for all stages of life and can
live your life the way you want to. Every plan is unique and working with a Financial Planner will help you
find the best plan that will work for you.

The best part of this job is that it’s rewarding and beneficial! Our members have peace of mind knowing
that by planning ahead they are prepared, and their financial dreams will come true. Westoba Credit
Union puts your best interests at heart, we only do what’s right for you.

Your financial plan starts with a conversation. Let’s talk!


Financial planning is offered by Credential Asset Management Inc.