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Westoba Credit Union

Background and Experience:

Hi, my name is Michael, I’ve been a Financial Planner for 14 years and hold CFP, PFP and RIS designations.
I chose to be a Financial Planner because it allows me to help people navigate retirement. Whether they
are looking for a retirement plan or need help once retired, I’m here to offer guidance. The best part
about my profession is being able to help people understand complex situations and how to solve each
individual challenge.

Westoba has provided me with the opportunity to work for a company whose values align with my own.
To be able to do what is right for the client every time is very important to me.


How Can I Help You?

The greatest myth about financial plans is that retirement is a long way away and that you don’t need to
worry about it until later. Today, there are fewer and fewer company pension plans and most of them
out there are not going to get you to the retirement you would like. A good financial plan looks at
retirement, estate planning, wealth management, insurance protection, smaller goals, education planning,
tax planning, and retirement income planning. Knowing where you are today, where you need to be to
retire and where your income is going to come from once in retirement, helps you navigate and make the
right decisions now.

At Westoba, you will receive more individualized service and attention. Our recommendations are based
on what is best for the members, not for ourselves or Westoba.

Your financial plan starts with a conversation. Let’s talk!


Financial planning is offered by Credential Asset Management Inc.