Switch to Strong Personal Access Code (PAC)!

Date: October 10, 2019

We’re always evolving our security measures to ensure that your online banking experience is safe and seamless. We’ve now made an improvement to our Personal Access Code (PAC) complexity requirements. We’ve made it stronger!

When you log in to online banking for the first time, or when you’re choosing your new password, please choose a password with the following requirements:

  • at least 1 uppercase letter
  • at least 1 lower case letter
  • at least 1 number
  • at least 1 special character, you can use the following:  @#$%^&*
  • Password length must be between 8 to 30 characters
  • No spaces

Once you have updated your PAC (Personal Access Code) to meet the new requirements, you will use this new PAC for online banking across all of your devices.

The following FAQs should help answer any questions that you may have:

Q. How can I change my PAC?
A. Your Personal Access Code (PAC) can be changed in Member Direct using the desktop web browser or mobile app. PAC cannot be changed via the mobile web.

Q. Why should I change my PAC?
A. Westoba makes it a priority to protect our members and their financial information. This enhancement is to assist you in making your account more secure.

Q. What are the requirements for the new strong PAC?
A. Your new PAC must have these minimum requirements:
• At least 8 characters minimum and up to 30 characters maximum.
• At least one uppercase letter.
• At least one lowercase letter.
• At least one number.
• At least one special character. You can use the following !@#$%^&*
• No spaces.

Q. What special characters can I use?
A. You can use the following special characters !@#$%^&* in your new strong PAC

Q. Why doesn’t the password I entered work?
A. Ensure you are entering a password to meet the new requirements, if the password continues to not be accepted, please call our Virtual Services team at 1877-WESTOBA (937-8622).

Q. Why am I locked out of my mobile app after the change?
A. It is likely that Quickview is enabled on your mobile app. This feature stores your PAC in your mobile device for easy display of current balance. To show you the updated balance, the app tries to login through the stored password, and after 3 failed attempts, you are locked out. This is done for your protection and to ensure that an unauthorized person is not able to access your account. To correct this issue, please contact us at 1877-WESTOBA (937-8622).

Q. Why am I locked out of the web browser?
A. To protect your financial information, our banking system monitors each failed login attempt. After 3 failed attempts, the account is locked out. To avoid this, please clear the cache on your web browser to access MemberDirect. If you’re locked out, please call us at 1877-WESTOBA (937-8622) to regain access.

Q. If Strong PAC is for security, was my account not secure before?
A. Westoba makes it a priority to offer the best security system possible to our members at all times. This switch to strong PAC is an enhancement of the security level for your account.

Q. Why do I have to change?
A. As more of our members take advantage of the convenience of Online and Mobile Banking, we want to provide them with the peace of mind that their account information is safe and protected. Cybersecurity and hacking continue to dominate the news. We continue to invest actively in information security to prevent unauthorized access to member information, and we want to cooperate with our members in giving them the same opportunity to keep their information safe.

Q. Are you having a lot of security breaches (fraud)? Is this why you are implementing a strong PAC?
A. This is not reactive but a proactive measure. We are investing in enhanced security to continue protecting your banking information. Fraudsters are advancing, so we are progressing to stay one step ahead!

Q. Do I have to change my PAC?
A. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this development to enjoy enhanced security for your account.

Q. What happens if I don’t switch to strong PAC?
A. You will enjoy the same level of security that you have right now. You may miss out on the enhanced security advantage of Strong PAC. We strongly recommend switching to Strong PAC.

Q. What if I have more questions?
A. We’re here to support you. Please call our Virtual Services team at 1877-WESTOBA (937-8622) or visit your nearest branch, and we’ll be happy to assist you!