Get everything on your house wish list with the right mortgage!

Finding the right mortgage is as important as finding the right home. We’ll help you find the perfect match in four easy steps.

Step 1

Getting to know you…

It all starts with a quick chat! We ask questions to get information on your employment history and income.

We talk about any assets you have – things like vehicles, property, investments. We also get you to share any liabilities you have – things like outstanding loans, credit cards, other mortgages. And finally, you tell us what kind of down payment you can make.

We have a great team that want to see you in your new home. Let’s talk, call1-877-WESTOBA, visit us in-branch, Book an Appointment or chat online using the orange box at the bottom of your screen and we can get you started.

QUICK TIP: Bring your paystub or T4 as proof of employment and income. If you are self-employed, bring in your tax returns for the past three years. This will speed up the process! Learn more great buying a home tips here.

Step 2

Finding the right balance…

The information collected helps determine the mortgage you can comfortably afford.

The key word is “comfortably.” A mortgage is a long-term commitment and so finding balance is key to success.

This is when we talk about different mortgage options. Working together, we find the best fit. Every member and every home is different so it is about finding the right balance for you.

QUICK TIP: Ask lots of questions! Make sure you fully understand different mortgage options available. Check out our Mortgage Comparisons and use our Mortgage Calculator to help find what you’re comfortable with.

Step 3

Backing you up…

We’ll get you pre-approved and shopping for a new home fast!

Before you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, we need your permission to run a credit check. This is standard practice to verify the information you provided.
With a successful credit check completed, you are pre-approved! Now you hit the streets house-hunting and are in good shape to make an offer!

QUICK TIP: Stay strong and stick to your pre-approved mortgage amount. Avoid looking at homes that are over your budget.

Step 4

Getting you home…

You made an offer!

Bring it in so we can learn more about the home you’re buying. We need all the particulars to finalize the paperwork.
Depending on your down payment amount, you might need a appraisal done. We can help get this going.

If everything checks out, we finalize your mortgage paperwork and give your real estate agent an approved mortgage financing letter!

From this point on, it’s all about getting excited for your possession date.




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