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Get Mobile Device Insurance when you sign up for a Select Collabria Mastercard® with Westoba!

Written by: Tristan Vera, Financial Consultant

Accidents happen, and it only takes seconds for your phone’s screen to crack! Most cell phone carrier’s offer extended warranty for mobile devices for about $10 – $15 dollars extra on top of your monthly phone bill. If you opted out of the extended warranty you can always get your phone repaired at a cell phone repair shop that can cost $100 – $400 depending on the size of your device…#pricey.

What if you had a credit card that had Mobile Device Insurance for your device for FREE? Our Collabria Student Mastercard for example has no annual fee, features a low interest rate and includes Mobile Device Insurance. Protect your mobile investment by signing up for a Collabria Mastercard®.

To be eligible for mobile device insurance all you must do is purchase your new device & pay your phone bill on your Collabria Mastercard®.

Eligible Collabria Mastercard® cards with Mobile Device Insurance:

Collabria Cash Back Mastercard®

Collabria Flex Rate Mastercard®

Collabria Classic Mastercard®

Collabria Student Mastercard®

Get ahead in the mobile device game by signing up for one of our eligible Collabria Mastercard® cards today, I guarantee that you will find mobile device insurance comes in handy. Don’t let this offer slip out of your hands (like your phone might).

For more information on mobile device insurance coverage, benefits, and warranty click here.

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