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Westoba Credit Union

We Speak Your Language

You’ve made the journey, now let Westoba Credit Union help you find your home.

Each year, over 13,000 people immigrating to Canada choose Manitoba as their destination of choice, adding to the multi-cultural community in the province

That’s why Westoba is investing in programs and services for new Canadians. Westoba’s We Speak Your Language program wants to be of service to as many newcomers as possible.

Over 100 languages are spoken throughout the province, from Amharic, Russian and Tagalog to Hindi, Yoruba, Portuguese and many more. If you prefer to do your banking in your native language, let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

We understand how challenging it can be to settle in somewhere new. Westoba strives to provide support and service to newcomers through our We Speak Your Language program, products such as our WestobaONE FREE Chequing Accounts and our New to Canada Mortgage explicitly designed for new Canadians. Westoba also proudly employs new Canadians and supports their journey to make Manitoba their home.

Westoba currently provides financial and service support in the following languages:

• Amharic
• Arabic
• Bisaya/Binisaya (English: Visayan)
• French
• German (high and low)
• Gujarati
• Hindi
• Portuguese
• Punjabi
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swahili
• Tagalog
• Tirigrina / Tigrigna
• Twi
• Urdu
• Yoruba

Let’s talk about what your journey is and how we can help. Call 1-877-WESTOBA or click here to make an appointment.


You’ve made the journey, now let Westoba Credit Union help you find your home.


We have staff that speak your language. If you let us know your language of preference, we will do our best to meet your needs.